The Webtage Team

Management Team
  • Snigdha S Mazumdar
    Snigdha S Mazumdar CEO & Founder

    Snigdha Mazumdar founded Webtage in 2011 with over 15 years’ experience in Industry Research, Data Analytics, and Web programming.

    A believer in hype-free and performance driven digital strategies, Snigdha’s endeavor is to get your brand established and your business grow. Her obsessive attention to detail and her passion for seeing a job well done is what makes her unique and dependable.

    Her experience includes launching several highly successful digital campaigns across verticals, such as B2B, legal, home construction, hospitality, professional services, e-commerce and more. She also led and managed national and global teams of market strategists, SEO experts, social media marketing specialists, web & graphic designers and content writers to deliver high ROI to clients. Most recently:

    She owned and executed a lead generation campaign and inbound marketing campaign to achieve 475% increase in blog views; 978% increase in website visits for 150% increase in conversions.

    She has launched several enterprise websites and application solutions that helped increase sales, reduce operational costs, and improve management control.

    She has grown businesses that were primarily referral-based to up to 90% online-based within 12 months of digital marketing through a cross-channel approach, including:.

    • High page 1 visibility for 90% of high-traction keywords.
    • 15% – 25% conversion rate and 70% reduction in Cost per Conversion.

    Snigdha has an MA in economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a PhD in Public Policy Analysis (Regional Economics) from the University of Illinois. She presently lives in Chicago.

  • Archana Gidwani
    Archana Gidwani Senior Vice-President

    Archana Gidwani is a digital marketing and business strategy professional that, like Einstein, believes that if you can’t explain it simply, you have not understood it yourself.

    Archana’s expertise is in triangulating buyer behavior, industry data and business owners’ preferences and extract fairly straightforward advice in areas ranging from facilitating digital marketing workshops to leading the migration to a responsive website with best in class user experience and site functionality.

    Historically 60- 70% of Archana’s recommendations are implemented by the business owners as she preemptively takes the client’s cultural and resource constraints into consideration.

    Several well-known brands such as Chamberlain college of nursing, Trident University, US Cellular, Michigan state university, Integra Med owe their brand strategy, advertising, and tagline, packaging and positioning statement to Archana. Groupon is indebted to Archana for building their consumer insights practice from scratch.

    Until recently, Archana was heading up the consumer insights team at DeVry Inc. In this role, Archana Gidwani managed a team of analysts and a large set of global vendors to provide counsel on marketing, institutional advancement and international development in Brazil, India and USA.

    Archana holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics (Honors) from the Delhi University and a MBA from Asia’s top rated and highly selective management institute – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad.

Advisory Board
  • Naren Nath
    Naren Nath CEO, Wayfare Interactive

    Naren is the CEO of Wayfare Interactive and is responsible for the overall vision, strategy, and execution of the company. Prior to Wayfare, Naren served as president and chief operations officer at cFares, Inc., a leading meta-search site for the online travel market. Before cFares, Naren served in numerous executive roles, including executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Persistent Systems, senior vice president at Trilogy Software, and the lead for product management and marketing for interactive television (broadband) at Microsoft, directing product marketing initiatives from market research to product launch. He later oversaw the company’s efforts to establish Microsoft’s IE and IIS products as standards with premier US and international media companies and web sites.

    Naren graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India, with a bachelors degree with honors in computer science. He earned a masters degree in computer science from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an MBA from Stanford University.

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