Client: Los Gatos Doc

Industry: Healthcare

Horizontal Capabilities:

Primary Care Practice
Urgent care
Family Physician
Telehealth Services

The Brief:

Telehealth - Marketing the New Normal Quickly!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in place orders in many areas of the country, many healthcare providers, including hospitals, doctors, and mental healthcare providers, are now providing virtual care. Los Gatos Doc was one such practice that needed to adopt to the new normal quickly and approached Webtage to help launch its telehealth practice.

We integrated the telehealth platform into the Los Gatos Doc website and created frictionless user experience to guide patients to use telehealth services. We also created multiple email campaigns to existing patients to inform them of physical office closures and the transition plan to telehealth. At the same time, we fine tuned the SEO strategy to highlight telehealth and launched a social media campaign to promote video visits.

The result? Los Gatos Doc is busy with repeat & new patient online visits and is operating at 75% of its normal, pre-COVID-19 capacity. We expect that number to go up and beyond their normal practice load. As with every client, we proved once again that creating awesome content & user experience while being truly vested in client’s success is the only sustainable way to market your business online!


Operating at 80% of Pre-COVID Capacity with Telehealth

95% Repeat Visits

100% Telehealth Page 1 Search Visibility

Project Details

Project Details

Telehealth Implementation & Landing Page

Website Integration, User Experience & Communication

Telehealth platform integration & conversion-optimized landing page creation

Telehealth Marketing to Spur Repeat Visits & Increase New Patients

Telehealth communication (infographics, email blasts, videos) to build awareness & allow information flows 

The Process

Website Integration, Marketing & Communication

Step 1: Telehealth Integration & Landing Page

Integration of telehealth platform to the Los Gatos Doc website

Website content updates, including blogs and webpage updates, to inform and engage patients

Landing page creation for telehealth with frictionless UX, design, and content creation

Multiple communication collaterals, including video, website copy, infographics and more

Step 2: Telehealth Marketing to Spur Repeat Visits & Increase New Patients

Optimized Google My Business listing to result in Page 1 visibility of Telehealth services

Website SEO & structured data implementation for page 1 visibility

Social Media marketing to reach more than 10,000 people with a 10.0% social engagement

Email blasts to promote telemedicine to existing patients, with a 30% engagement

Telehealth Communication

Infographics, Email Blasts, Videos

Blogs to connect, inform, and support patients regarding COVID-19 and telehealth services

Infographic that went viral on social media and elicited a lot of praise from the medical community.

Videos to help patients transition to telehealth.

Social media banners and posts to position the business and its shift toward telehealth

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Telehealth Implementation & Marketing
  • After trying to work with other marketing partners, I contacted Snigdha and her Webtage team a few years ago and I have never looked back. They are professional, responsive, insightful -- I could go on. Webtage also engaged us in weekly meetings towards expanding our reach and developing materials to promote awareness about various health initiatives throughout the year. Through Webtage’s efforts, Los Gatos Doc has seen an increase in patient referrals, provided numerous tips for leading a healthier lifestyle, and developed the capacity to communicate high quality and credible information in the midst of a health crisis. Whether discussing in depth market strategy focused on how to grow my business over the next 5-10 years or helping to design a simple and educative infographic about a pandemic which has been reshared far beyond my own practice, Snigdha and Webtage deliver the highest quality work on time, every time. I will do my best to continue my partnership with Webtage -- my business depends on it!

    Arun Villivalam, MD CEO, Los Gatos Doc, Inc.
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