Dental Marketing Questionnaire

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A digital marketing campaign needs a strategic approach and careful planning. Advance preparation can help both clients and vendors develop a common understanding of marketing objectives & constraints.

This questionnaire will help you understand your vision for your organization’s growth goals and plan the overall effort required for a confusion- and conflict-free digital campaign. It will help us understand your constraints and will also lower your risk for running into a time and cost overrun.

So whether you are considering improvements to your existing campaign or an extensive omnichannel marketing launch, use this questionnaire to start your digital strategy on the right footing.

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Dental Marketing Business Overview

1. What are some of the key healthcare services /procedures you perform?

2. If you indicated "Others" in question 1 above, please tell us more

3. Who is your primary targeted audience?

4. What makes your dental practice desirable for patients?

5. If you indicated "Others" in question 4 above, please tell us more.

6. Who are your competitors?

7. Any key differentiators from your competition, other that the ones mentioned above, that you'd like for us to know about?.

8. What are your best markets and what is the reason for that?

9. Please provide 5-10 keywords that your patients would use to search you online?

10. What do you think makes your marketing assignment trickier than most?

11. What makes your marketing slam-dunk easy?

12. What are your immediate business goals?

13. If you indicated "Others" in question 12 above, please tell us more

14. Is there anything else you want us to know, big picture?

15. How do your current patients find you?

16. If you indicated "Others" in question 15 above, please tell us more

17. Do you engage in any online or offline marketing for your practice?

18. If you indicated "Others" in question 17 above, please tell us more

19. Do you currently have any online profiles you’ve already claimed and setup?

20. Please provide URLs of online profiles that you have access to

21. Do you currently have any profiles set up and claimed on online review sites?

22. Please provide URLs of online review sites that you have access to

23. Do you belong to any professional association or business/local organization that will list your web site and profile information?

24. If yes, please indicate the professional associations or business /community organization that you belong to?

25. Do you have an existing professionally designed (vector image) logo to be used in digital campaigns?

26. What is the desired overall tone/feel of your brand (check all that apply)?

27. Are there any constraints regarding rich media (images and videos) that can be used on the site or in marketing campaigns?

28. Websites of your closest competition - Please include at least 3 links of sites of your competition. What do you like and don't like about them? What would you like to differently or better?

29. Do you frequently produce content for your website, professional publications, or marketing initiatives? If so, could you share with us?

30. Do you have a content strategy or content guidelines that governs content on your website or marketing campaigns? What is your content approval process

31. Are there any interactive features that you would like to add to your website?

32. If you indicated "Others" in question 32, please tell us more.

33. Are there any special considerations for multilingual site, compliance, accessibility or usability?

34. Do you have a project manager who would liaise with the vendor’s project management team? Please Provide names

35. Who are the members of your organizational team and how would they be involved in the digital marketing campaign?

36. Are there any critical deadlines or milestones that the vendor should be aware of before they start the project?


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