What do your (Webtage) SEO Services include?

Our SEO Process includes

  • Technical website optimization, including
  1. Speed,
  2. HTML & CSS Errors,
  3. Robots.txt & Canonical Issues
  4. Website Architecture Optimization – Avoid messy URL structure
  5. Crawling Errors,
  6. Mobile Responsiveness,
  7. Redirection
  • Website Content optimization, including
  1. Addition of meta tags,
  2. Keyword density,
  3. Page copy optimization,
  4. Removal of duplicate content,
  5. Building of topic clusters
  • Content Creation – Content creation that can target high-traction keywords through proper and intuitive usage, as opposed to keyword stuffing, is a very powerful tool for search engine optimization. Your agency should be not only adding these high-quality content pieces to your website but also publishing it on credible, industry and location-specific third-party sites.

       If your SEO agency does not bring up content creation, consider that a red flag.

  • Backlinks
  1. The best option is to build backlinks through non-spammy, high-quality publishing sites. Professionally written guest blogs are your best bet for building high-quality links. The more relevant and trustworthy the site, the higher the backlink value to your business
  2. Directory submissions, business listings, document submissions, and many more!
  3. No spam backlinks
  • Social Media – Yes, a strong social media presence can have a beneficial impact on your SEO campaigns.
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