When Should I Redesign My Existing Website?

Website redesign is a great way to freshen up and start anew. But how do you know that it’s time for a website redesign? Recently, a senior executive of an IT services firm told me that his company lost a couple of contracts because of the poor brand impression projected by their website. Time for a website redesign? Undoubtedly! However, there may be other, not such dire circumstances that may also warrant a site overhaul. Here are the top ten signs that warrant a website redesign:

  1. A shift in business direction needs to be added to the website
  2. If you’ve recently rebranded your organization, it’s time to reflect that on your website to keep everything consistent
  3. Responsiveness – If your current website is not set up to be viewed and used on mobile devices, consider a website redesign
  4. Outdated technology – Technology is ever-changing that can make your website load faster, be more secure, add more rich features and make it more contextual
  5. Personalization – If your website is not set up to be personalized to your visitors, consider a redesign
  6. Outdated Design – The biggest giveaway of a redesign need is an outdated website that looks and functions old
  7. Lead Generation – If your website is not set up to function as a lead generation and marketing hub with gated content, strong calls to action, and integrations with a CRM or a marketing automation platform, you are missing out on the benefits of a modern website to create a revenue stream.
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