What do your (Webtage) SEO Services include?

Our SEO Process includes

  • Technical website optimization, including
  1. Speed,
  2. HTML & CSS Errors,
  3. Robots.txt & Canonical Issues
  4. Website Architecture Optimization – Avoid messy URL structure
  5. Crawling Errors,
  6. Mobile Responsiveness,
  7. Redirection
  • Website Content optimization, including
  1. Addition of meta tags,
  2. Keyword density,
  3. Page copy optimization,
  4. Removal of duplicate content,
  5. Building of topic clusters
  • Content Creation – Content creation that can target high-traction keywords through proper and intuitive usage, as opposed to keyword stuffing, is a very powerful tool for search engine optimization. Your agency should be not only adding these high-quality content pieces to your website but also publishing it on credible, industry and location-specific third-party sites.

       If your SEO agency does not bring up content creation, consider that a red flag.

  • Backlinks
  1. The best option is to build backlinks through non-spammy, high-quality publishing sites. Professionally written guest blogs are your best bet for building high-quality links. The more relevant and trustworthy the site, the higher the backlink value to your business
  2. Directory submissions, business listings, document submissions, and many more!
  3. No spam backlinks
  • Social Media – Yes, a strong social media presence can have a beneficial impact on your SEO campaigns.

What are some of the Best Digital Marketing Services (Webtage) Offers?

Our marketing services division offers our clients best-in-class digital solutions to help grow their businesses. Whether we develop and execute inbound marketing campaigns for our B2B clients or cross-channel campaigns for healthcare clients, our marketing campaigns are always carefully crafted to your business get more exposure, more traction, and ultimately more leads.

The central building block of our marketing programs is cross-channel marketing campaigns that work to amplify your lead generation efforts. We amplify the effectiveness of the campaigns by creating marketing assets such as content, social media engagement, marketing materials, and the necessary functions to attract and convert leads to customers. Most importantly, our digital marketing effectiveness is not guided by ever-changing algorithms and quick fixes but hinges on a cross-channel & cross-campaign approach combined with creating user value.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency?

  • Experience & Capabilities – Look at their industry-specific experience and their team to see if they are able to handle all aspects of marketing, from a branding exercise to premium content creation, digital marketing campaigns, data analytics,  and reporting.
  • Check to see how they keep up with technological shifts, both on the marketing and web technologies front.
  • Review their work – Is the work being created world-class, out of the box, and succeeds in moving the business needle? Look at the portfolio and ask for case studies relevant to your industry.
  • Testimonials – Read the testimonials to see what their clients say about them. Review the testimonials on public review sites, such as Google, Yelp, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • A globally distributed team with deep agency experience and a keen ability to assess business situations and create out-of-the-box hooks to capture the imagination of the audience, so you can be assured that only the very experienced and brilliant minds will work on your projects.
  • How lean is the operation and how passionate are they about their work?

Why choose Webtage as your Digital Marketing Services Agency?

  • Your goal is to get your business to grow. At Webtage, we care, we listen, and you can trust that we always know what is ‘happening now’ (in terms of technology, marketing, and creativity).  Webtage offers support, trust, a solid plan to establish and market your brand/product with digital services. We always work to bring a strong return on investment on your marketing dollars, which means we are always looking for ways to establish your brand, increase your visibility, and bring in qualified leads to grow your business.What Makes Us Different?
    1. A Learning organization – We are a research-driven learning organization that makes us highly adaptive to new technologies, digital trends, and algorithm shifts. We stay ahead of trends so you don’t have to.
    2. Premium Work – Our work is premium because we care. We listen. We want to help. At our core, we want you to feel heard and to feel confident in our ability to assess business problems and find solutions that you’re happy with.
    3. Obsessive Attention to Details -Our clients come to us for our obsessive attention to detail, strong creative and analytical minds, and desire to see a job well done.

Why Choose Webtage as your SEO Agency? How can SEO Companies (Webtage) help my business?

  • Search engine optimization is not something that can be done once and then considered complete. Search trends and search engine algorithms are constantly changing. New content is added (and should be for best results) to your website and off-page locations. For all these reasons, it is necessary to continually maintain SEO efforts. A large part of SEO work involves tracking results and then adjusting efforts to optimize those results. Therefore, we deliver SEO work on a retainer basis, meaning we will employ a fixed number of hours per month to maintain and grow your results.With Webtage’s SEO what you can expect: High traction keywords ranking top page of Google, Bing, & Yahoo within 3-6 months of the SEO campaign kickoff. We expect 50% of all targeted keywords to be on page 1 within 6 months of campaign kickoff, with the percentage improving significantly by the end of the 12-month period.
    1. Increased unique visitors every month, resulting in more inquiries, conversions & eventually sales.
    2. Improved click-through rate – Leverage search engine ranking position (SERP) along with Click-Through-Rate (CTR) strategies to increase online traffic, leads, and conversions.

When Should I redesign my existing website?

  • Website redesign is a great way to freshen up and start anew. But how do you know that it’s time for a website redesign? Recently, a senior executive of an IT services firm told me that his company lost a couple of contracts because of the poor brand impression projected by their website. Time for a website redesign? Undoubtedly! However, there may be other, not such dire circumstances that may also warrant a site overhaul. Here are the top ten signs that warrant a website redesign:
    1. A shift in business direction needs to be added to the website
    2. If you’ve recently rebranded your organization, it’s time to reflect that on your website to keep everything consistent
    3. Responsiveness – If your current website is not set up to be viewed and used on mobile devices, consider a website redesign
    4. Outdated technology – Technology is ever-changing that can make your website load faster, be more secure, add more rich features and make it more contextual
    5. Personalization – If your website is not set up to be personalized to your visitors, consider a redesign
    6. Outdated Design – The biggest giveaway of a redesign need is an outdated website that looks and functions old.
    7. Lead generation – If your website is not set up to function as a lead generation and marketing hub with gated content, strong calls to action, and integrations with a CRM or a marketing automation platform, you are missing out on the benefits of a modern website to create a revenue stream.

What support does my website need after it is built?

  • There are two main groups of services that you need after building a website:Digital Marketing Services – “Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.” Once you’ve built a professional, well-branded website with rich features and functionalities, you have to generate visibility for your brand by initiating digital marketing campaigns. This includes:
    • Search visibility to drive more qualified traffic through Search Advertising and Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing to generate brand awareness, build communities, and greater reach
    • Email marketing to market to your current/captive audience
    • Marketing automation to make the omnichannel campaigns consistent, and cohesive and help better convert visitors into leads.
    • Reputation Management & Public Relations – A content-rich marketing campaign works to improve your reputation, with more reviews, more engagement, and more visibility 

    Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)– A website is a living product. It needs to be maintained to ensure it’s bringing in returns. An annual maintenance contract (AMC) will help you with the following:

    • Upgrades to your website platform, such as your content management systems, including its modules
    •  Removal of malware, spam, and malicious codes, if needed
    • Site backup, to keep your site up and running at all times with minimal downtime
    • Recovery of files from backup, if needed
    • Liaising with the hosting provider to troubleshoot any downtime events
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Whether you are an individual, a non-profit organization, or a business, Webtage can help you leverage your competitive advantage by uniquely positioning and marketing you online.

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