If you are seeking
top-notch web design
& marketing services,
Webtage can deliver.

What sets Webtage apart is their dedication to understand the unique needs and goals of their clients. They take the time to listen and collaborate, ensuring that their web design and marketing efforts align with Merkur Innovation's objectives.

Katerina Marinov, Director of HR
Merkur Innovation
Katerina Marinov
Director of HR

Snigdha and Webtage
deliver the highest
quality work on time,
every time.

After trying to work with other marketing partners, I contacted Snigdha and her Webtage team a few years ago and I have never looked back. They are professional, responsive, insightful -- I could go on.

Arun Villivalam, MD
Los Gatos Doc
Dr. Arun Villivalam

Webtage has helped
my dental practice in
an amazing way.

I must give credit to Snigdha S Mazumdar. If you ever need true website design and SEO she’s the woman! Snigdha is innovative, personable, practical and not to mention her professionalism and timeliness were more than what I expected from a web designer.

Jenny Pan, Practice Owner
Blue Turtle Dental
Jenny Pan
Practice Owner & Manager

I can confidently
attest to their unwavering
commitment to excellence.

Their strategic approach has consistently improved my website's visibility, resulting in a substantial increase in organic traffic. Webtage's transparent communication and dedication to delivering results have remained consistent throughout our partnership.

Sam Reddy, CEO
Optimized Solutions
Sam Reddy

Would recommend to
anyone trying to grow
their business!

Webtage's work has helped tremendously since the pandemic. Our business model has had to make a dramatic shift and Webtage helped us quickly develop an online presence.

Alex Yen, DDS
Cambridge Dental Studio
Alex Yen
Owner & DDS

I would highly recommend
Snigdha to anyone that needs a
professional brand strategy.

We worked on projects that were large-scale efforts and required outstanding brand strategy and a solid understanding of digital marketing for their respective industry. Snigdha's experience and close attention to every detail led the campaigns flawlessly from development through completion, and made my job as a designer easier than usual.

Aber Saleh, Creative Lead
Aber Saleh
Creative Lead

It’s truly amazing where
this website has gone
and the clients it brings
to JW Construction & Design.

JW is highly grateful for all the hard work and dedication that Snigdha has put into and continues to put into our company. Your work has taken my company from 80% referral based to now 90% internet based. Without our outstanding website we would not be where we are today. Thank you!

Jay Willans, CEO
JW Construction & Design Services
Jay Willans