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Artificial Intelligence
Human Cognition

The Brief: Use, Create, Trade Intelligence

Welcome to the world of a truly personal Personal Assistant that is light years ahead of Alexa & Siri. An assistant that listens, adapts, learns, remembers and can hold actual conversations. Welcome to the world of Real AI! was ready to launch the real AI revolution: A world community of intelligence users, creators, traders and owners connected through Aigo platform. Webtage was in charge of creating the brand and developing marketing collaterals for the upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It was a tall order considering the context and the promise of Aigo: The Aigo story began and ends with community. It was about visionaries who came together for the purpose of advancing the current stagnating state of artificial intelligence. The result was a personal assistant that not only optimizes quality of life but blows the competition out of the water. 


Visual Brand Development

Investor Collateral

Custom Graphics

Project Details

The Brand

Aigo: AI Reimagined

The Process

From Brand Identity to ICO Marketing

Step 1. Brand & Story is a gamechanger in the field of artificial intelligence. Aigo is what AI is supposed to be. Aigo IS the future.  Engaged users create ongoing value by participating in and using Aigo technology. The more you use, the better it gets. The better it gets, the more time you have to generate value and live your optimal life.

The Webtage team developed a brand identity that brilliantly conveyed the four pillars of the Aigo story:

  • A personal assistant that is your exocortex, an extension of your cortex
  • You fully own the personal assistant & the data
  • The Aigo Community of like-minded users and creators come together and take part in generating the future
  • The Aigo Store where you can buy, rent or trade skills with AigoTokens
ICO Marketing & Brand Development

Step 2. ICO Marketing Collaterals

Investor leave behind and ‘white paper’ investor marketing deck highlighted consumer insights critical to telling the Aigo brand story and the points of differentiation in a compelling way. white paper cover image, infographics and visuals brought the Aigo brand to life in the ICO marketing collaterals. 

ICO Investor Marketing Leave Behind for

Step 3. Website Design

We designed an website designed to engage the ICO investor community and inviting them to participate in the ICO

Aigo ICO Token Website Design
  • What one can expect from a person of your caliber is ONLY THE BEST. Great job and honestly not surprised. The AMI Video turned out really well and thanks to you and your team for such a great job!

    Sam Reddy Optimized Solutions, CEO
  • Really loved your work... Will connect again for other collaterals. Great job.
    Rakesh Naidu Vice President, Optimized Solutions
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