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A modern, branded brochure for TinkRworks

TinkRworks, a well regarded afterschool STEM program for children approached Webtage to create a brochure for its summer program. The ask was more than brochure creation though. The brochure was created to lead TinkRworks brand toward more a modern, world-class look while showcasing the mission and philosophy through sophisticated treatment of images, use of icons, accentuation and blending of design elements via brand colors and more white space! The design elements, however, were to stay rooted in TinkRworks’ mission of creating lifelong learners, makers and problem solvers achieved by helping students identify and iteratively solve challenges associated with complex projects. The end result was a brochure that modern and sleek but also portrayed the challenge and fun of learning at TinkRworks.


Tasks: Webtage designed and developed a modern, branded brochure for TinkRworks with the following focus areas:

Designwise – The design elements led the brand toward a more modern, professional collateral creation at TinkRworks. A good blend of design elements to reflect diverge age groups was the approach. Sophisticated / savvy design elements were used to reflect the pretty sophisticated STEM programs offered by TinkRworks.

Copy – The copy created told the story of TinkRworks and answer the ‘Why.’ The copy also struck a chord with the intended audience while staying true to TinkRworks’ underlying mission, philosophy, vision & values.

Client: TinkRWorks

Industry: Education

Horizontal Capabilities:

  • Strategy Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Positioning & Copywriting
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign

Brochure Design

A modern, branded brochure for TinkRworks

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