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Growing number of consumers are on-the-go – Are you?

40% and growing number of users are searching for services and products on mobile devices. Is your digital strategy optimized for the mobile market?

At Webtage, mobile strategy is not an after-thought – it is front and center of any digital campaign we undertake. Whether it is native or web-based application development, mobile SEO, app branding, usability and performance testing for mobile devices, mobile advertising, or mobile analytics, our digital campaigns incorporate the best of mobile marketing to give you the results you desire.


Questions to Ask

Before we embark on mobility solutions, here are some key questions that need to be answered.

  1. “Is your mobile branding solid enough to drive” in a highly competitive mobile market?
  2. How do you ensure that your mobile sites and apps rank high to be discovered organically?
  3. How do you ensure enough downloads for your app business to be profitable?
  4. How do you target the right audience to ensure your mobile applications will have a good usage ratio and will create user generated content?


Mobile Marketing Strategies – Research & Analytics

The Mobile market is booming with Apple & Google offering more than 700,000 apps each and revenue from apps crossed $25 billion in 2013. Additionally, about half of all internet users now depend on mobile devices to find services and products. How do you ensure your mobile presence stands out in this crowded marketplace?

Effective mobile marketing may not require huge budget overlays, however, app and mobile site branding, usability testing, and marketing should go hand in hand with the development process to improve the marketability of the mobile product.

Social media, ad network advertising, and search engine & app store visibility are all effective strategies that we offer at Webtage.


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Ŏnnitt, a technology firm, approached Webtage to brand, design, and market its native mobile and web-based app. We also provided consulting advice on mobile design and development strategies, [...]

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