5 Building Blocks for a Strong Digital Brand

A good first and lasting impression has always been important for the success of businesses, organizations and people. It is no different now. What is different is that we live in a digital age where 3 factors differentiate our times from the past:

  • In the digital age with rapid fire thumbs and six-second attention spans, we have a very short window of opportunity to make an impression. The shorter-than-goldfish-attention-spans are certainly not long enough to spend a lot of time on your value proposition.
  • As we browse the online world looking for the best solution to our problem, a weak brand impression is enough to land our prospects to the competitor’s site.
  • Our brand is visible not only on owned channels, such as our website, blogs and social media sites, but also on earned and paid channels, far and wide, across the globe, that we may sometimes not even be aware of, let alone control.

The amalgamation of these three factors: smaller attention spans, high competitive visibility, and unbridled brand visibility, make digital brand identity development imperative and exciting. Here are 5 essential steps you should take for a strong digital brand presence:



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