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We make healthcare website design sticky and engaging, so your patients spend more time on your website. The longer a visitor engages with your website, the better the chances of them contacting you or better yet, becoming a patients. Try our web solutions:

Create your distinct brand identity and a branded website to build trust, expertise and authority.

Ensure your website is ADA & WCAG 2.0 /2.1 Compliant and avoid lawsuits.

Ensue any ePHI collected and communicated by your webiste is HIPAA-compliant.

Create and own your appointment scheduling web app, so you are not dependent on any subscription service.

Superior reputation management solution to drive positive reviews.

There are several data communication streams that originate from your website that may include ePHI, including appointment requests, insurance information, appointment scheduling, and other forms of communication that need to be secure and encrypted. Any ePHI collected by your website needs to be encrypted “at rest” and “in-transit.”

Compliance audit – The audit uncovers potential risks in your website and communication architecture that could expose you to liabilities due to non-compliance

HIPAA-compliant forms & communication channels – By creating a custom application on a secure and compliant virtual private cloud (VPC), we ensure that any ePHI collected and communicated by your website is secure and encrypted at rest and in transit.

Ability to create and target custom audiences in your secure database via SMS and email marketing.

ePHI Data Encryption At Rest & In Transit

Ensure Your website is HIPAA Compliant

Accessibility Compliance

Ensure Your website is ADA Compliant

We help make your website accessible so it meets ADA & WCAG 2.1 Compliance standards.

Compliance audit – The audit uncovers errors, issues and warning both through our auditing tool and manual checks. Testing includes: 

  • Automated tools testing to verify contrast, focus visibility, html markup issues.
  • Screen reader testing using JAWS/NVDA/VoiceOver on Apple devices/TalkBack on Android devices
  • Keyboard-only testing
  • Scan page for structural elements (like headings, landmarks, page titles, etc.) 
  • Scan page for accessibility issues related to content (images, tables, forms, lists, text spacing, language, flash etc.)
  • Mobile touch testing & testing for time-sensitive interactions

Provision of an Accessibility Issues Report to help your development team resolve issues by providing guidelines violated and the remedial solutions to fix this violation. 

Resolution of all accessibility errors, issues, and warnings by our certified developers.

We help you build an efficient digital office that not only promotes your practice but also drives operational efficiencies.
World-class brand design and storytelling that strikes a chord and builds trust in your practice.

While it’s easier than ever to create websites, designing websites that truly work to drive business growth – not that easy!  Our goal with every healthcare website project is to develop a channel for business growth.

From presentations, infographics, brochures, flyers, business cards, guest articles and more, we bring the best of design and healthcare industry expertise to help you grow your thought leadership & project your brand in the best light possible.


Happier & Engaged Patients Keep Coming Back!

We provide innovative technology solutions specially catered to healthcare needs, including custom, search engine optimized website appointment scheduling app that help convert visitors into patients. 
Appointment scheduling is integrated into your Practice Management software but stays independent so if you need to change your backend software, all it takes is a simple software update and integration to keep it running.

Send confirmations and appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.

Track visits, completions, and drop-offs to gain a complete picture of the



Create Seamless Experiences for Your Patients

Keep Your Appointment Schedule Full

See How We Grew Repeat Appointments by 50% for a Primary Care Practice


Facilitate, Filter, & Display Review for Maximum Returns

Eliminate review generation frictions! No need to ask your patients to search your listing on Yelp, Google My Business or other sites. Provide a one-window review facilitation, generation, filtering, and display solution. 

Create a testimonial hub right on your website that allows you to generate positive reviews for third party review sites and displays the best reviews right back in your website for trust building and validation

Set up simple, HIPPA-compliant patient experience survey & review facilitation solution, sent via SMS or email, and maximize the feedback for online reputation building

Utilize reviews and feedback, via decision tree filtering, for maximum PR opportunities

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About Webtage

Webtage Healthcare Digital Services are designed to quickly and effectively grow your healthcare practice. Set yourself apart from your competition and establish your expertise. Increase number of new patients and repeat visit. Grow your service line revenue. We offer comprehensive marketing and technology solutions to help you gain a distinctive advantage.

Our clients love us because we offer very personalized service and provide smart marketing with clear ROI so our clients are never in the dark. We also happen to be an award-winning digital design, build + market firm. Our work is world-class, out of the box, and has always succeeded in moving the business needle. Along the way, we’ve won the admiration of our industry peers and deep appreciation from our clients.

Our industry-certified digital team delivers sophisticated web experiences, software solutions and marketing campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, delightful UX and powerful marketing propellers to provide consistent ROI. Our experience spans 75+ websites, 100+ marketing campaigns and 50K+ leads generated across multiple industries, including Healthcare, B2B, Professional Services, Education, and B2C.

  • After trying to work with other marketing partners, I contacted Snigdha and her Webtage team a few years ago and I have never looked back. They are professional, responsive, insightful -- I could go on. Webtage also engaged us in weekly meetings towards expanding our reach and developing materials to promote awareness about various health initiatives throughout the year. Through Webtage’s efforts, Los Gatos Doc has seen an increase in patient referrals, provided numerous tips for leading a healthier lifestyle, and developed the capacity to communicate high quality and credible information in the midst of a health crisis. Whether discussing in depth market strategy focused on how to grow my business over the next 5-10 years or helping to design a simple and educative infographic about a pandemic which has been reshared far beyond my own practice, Snigdha and Webtage deliver the highest quality work on time, every time. I will do my best to continue my partnership with Webtage -- my business depends on it!

    Arun Villivalam, MD CEO, Los Gatos Doc, Inc.

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