How to incorporate storytelling into B2B content creation?

While it is said that B2B buyers make decisions based solely on price and profit potential alone, even Ebenezer Scrooge succumbed to his amazing life story being shown to him through the eyes of the spectres! The most hardened number cruncher among us can’t resist a good, relevant story.

On average, 4% of people will remember any facts or figures from their last Power Point presentation. Most of us dread meetings as nothing more than ‘yawn fests’ that drone on seemingly forever.

These days we can consume up to 100,000 digital words every single day. Studies show that people prefer to get their information in the form of stories, not having statistics and lists of facts thrown at them.

If we are listening to a story about climbing a tree, the parts of our brain that would activate if we were actually climbing a tree in real life, light up. Telling a story is a powerful way to communicate and reach clients in a meaningful way.

Sometimes all you need are a few powerful words to engage. Ernest Hemmingway has been attributed to this six- word short story that is hinting at or implying a much larger story:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

A story need not be novel length. A good story can be a just a few words. When you know your audience, when you want your brand to resonate you can tell a story. Stories will not only inform and teach but they will be remembered as well.

Elements of B2B Storytelling

The heart of B2B marketing lies in building lasting relationships based on mutual trust. What better way to connect with the humanity of potential customers than with a story? Stories are how we learn. Stories can convince. Stories teach. Stories entertain. In the end, stories build relationships.

Building a strategy to reach out to other businesses through storytelling involves:

  • Showing who you are
  • Giving your brand the starring role
  • Striking an emotional chord
  • Inspiring trust so they will come back for more


B2B Storytelling: How We Did It

Optimized Solutions, an enterprise software solution provider in the digital transformation space, approached us to create a product video to launch their ground breaking enterprise IoT data product. We knew right away that we had to cut to the core and create an experience that would make the viewers sit up and care. Care about the value possibilities of the product itself and of the Optimized brand too. From finding the right hook to creating stunning motion graphics and the perfect script, we elevated the story of day in the life of a modern day business enterprise that captured and sustained the interests of the audience on a seemingly dry topic.

Watch the B2B Product Launch Video 

Storytelling Works

Stories sell.

That is a basic fact of life. Who among us, when we were children, actually wanted to go to bed? Selling bedtime to an active four year old with the promise of a bedtime story is proof that telling a good story works.

Stories give relevance.

Stories allow us to connect with humanity. We see ourselves as we are and we also see ourselves as we’d like to be. Stories teach, inform and entertain. What better way to show people who you are than through a memorable story?

Stories drive action and create purpose. You may not want to incorporate storytelling into every aspect of your marketing, but realizing what a powerful tool stories are will open doors for many new opportunities.

Storytelling is science because evolution has hardwired our brains to react to stories. It is a connection of cause and effect. When you want to make lasting connections with other businesses, tell your story!

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Having previously worked for advertising agencies, such as Leo Burnett and other boutique creative houses, she has successfully launched Fortune 500 ad campaigns, including those for Procter & Gamble, Kodak Professional Division, Phillip Morris, FILA, Aki Italia & Champion Sportswear.

Sandra has a passion for reading, writing and researching. Her love of words and art gives her a unique vision and ability to put things together in ways that will make your brand pop!

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