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Smart Cities Business Collaterals for Optimized Solutions

Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) have breathed a new life into the development of urban centers around the world into sustainable areas with a high quality of life. By using data generated through edge devices to create actionable insights, cities are forging into the future as a safe, stable, and efficient ecosystems. Optimized Solutions approached Webtage to help position itself as a provider of digital transformation solutions for smart cities.


Tasks: Webtage designed and developed a pre-sale positioning brochure and Powerpoint presentation for Optimized with the following focus areas:

Framing the Conversation – Through impactful visuals, comparative data, and effective copy, we framed the conversation in the context of India’s ever-accelerating urbanization and the opportunity for cities to stay ahead of the curve.

Client Positioning – Smart design to frame Optimized Solutions as a single window partner for concept to roll out to management of smart city solutions.

Solution Pitch – Infographic layout of the solution architecture that Connects, Monitors, Analyzes & Predict Data, and allows cities to become cognitive.

Opportunities – We helped inform strategy by presenting smart solutions that are likely to be in demand by smart cities in India and around the world.

Client: Optimized Solutions

Industry: B2B/Enterprise Technology

Horizontal Capabilities:

  • Core Research
  • Strategy Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Positioning & Copywriting
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Powerpoint Template Design


Smart Cities Business Collaterals for Optimized Solutions

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