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Video can help breakdown complex ideas and offer standout takeaways that stick in a viewers’ mind for a long time. Work with our stunning motion graphics production staff, storytellers, animators, audio artists to create a one of kind masterpiece. Video styles we specialize in include Motion Graphics, Animation & Live Production.

Video Production: What to Expect?

Step 1: Ideation
This is where it all starts. You have an idea and you want your audience to be intrigued by your idea and take notice.

Step 2: Research & Strategy
This is where we understand the context of the video, do audience research and competitor research.

Step 3: Scripting
This is where we understand the context of the video, do audience research and competitor research.

Step 4: Storyboarding
Next we create a storyboard, or illustrate a sequence of frames with script, so you can begin to visualize the style and substance of the video before production begins. The client sgns off for production.

Step 5a: Talent Booking, Prop Finalization & Filming
For live action video, right location, crew and talent is booked and the schedule is set. Music track & voice over is finalized for animation videos. Feld or studio production takes place, including interviews and B-roll shooting.

Step 5b: Animation Main Build
For animation / motion graphics videos, frames illustrations are finalized and added in the right sequence.

Step 6: Rough Cut
We work with the editor to produce the first cut. This usually includes a mini, scratch track (actual voice over is added when the video is approved).

Step 7: Second Cut
Nearly there. Full video track is polished, audio track and voice overs are added, animations are refined.

Step 8: Final Cut
Final motion graphics, sound grade, color enhancements and bells and whistles are added. After final client approval, video production is considered complete.


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