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Happier & Engaged Patients Keep Coming Back!

Research shows that patient satisfaction with your service and their trust in your expertise will encourage them to adhere to your recommendations and return in the future.

What does this mean for your practice? It means you must have proper follow-up systems in place and have regular communication outreach channels to stay in touch with your patients. Our engagement marketing makes it easy for you to  do exactly that!

Keep Your Appointment Schedule Full

See How We Grew Repeat Appointments by 50% for a Primary Care Practice


Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Automate text and email followups to patients to get their feedback. Know how you stack up and find ways to improve.

Send text & email followups to patients based on pre-defined triggers to conduct a quick 30 second survey

See the results right in your dashboard. Allow happy patients to leave reviews on public facing review sites, like Yelp, Google My business, Facebook & others

Initiate conversations with disgruntled patients and offer remediation to improve patient experience

Email Marketing

Stay in Touch to Stay Top of Mind

Power your email campaigns with customer segmentation, powerful subject lines, useful content, and engaging videos & visuals to drive engagement rate and repeat visits 
Expand your reach by developing materials to promote awareness about various health initiatives throughout the year

Encourage patients to participate in special events and health observances via incentives to promote repeat visits

Keep patients in the loop on office updates, PR, and thought leadership proof points

See how we developed a newsletter campaign for a primary care practice that blew industry averages out of the water





Social Media Marketing Done Right

Publishing posts on social media does not equate to social media marketing. Social channels are great to build relationships not just with your community and reach prospects but is an amazing platform to develop your brand voice, share useful information with your patients, and address their concerns. Social media marketing allows us to:

Develop great content for you that is not only useful but share worthy for your existing patients

Invite patients to special events thereby driving repeat visits

Invite patients to share experiences on social media thereby building an affirmative bias toward your practice

Monthly Digital Marketing Packages

The Webtage Way

Why Choose Us

The Webtage Five

  • Creativity & Smart Strategies

    Hype-Free Digital - We are committed to making you succeed in promoting yourself online because it brings together what we're passionate about - creativity and smart strategies. To that end, we draw upon powerful research, superior strategies, and digital resources to provide you with sustained online growth that keeps you ahead of market shifts and competitive moves. And we do it with a passion and creativity that keeps you ahead of the curve.


  • 02


    Data Driven Campaigns

    Numbers Crunching for a Superior Campaign - Take the guesswork out of your digital campaign. We test, measure, learn, and execute macros strategies as well as micro-actions based on consumer insights, social data, A/B testing, web analytics & monetization, resulting in optimal allocation of your resources for best results.
  • Passion Powered by Unique Skills

    Passion + People - We power up your campaigns with unique and specialized skills in the areas of technology, creativity, marketing, research, analytics, content, project management and a team of specialists who work around the clock to differentiate your brand and bring you more business.


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    Global Delivery Model

    24/7 Responsiveness & Scalability - In us, you will find a solid and dedicated global team of strategists, SEO experts, social media marketing specialists, content writers, graphic designers, IT staff, and project managers who work around the clock to deliver top-quality products and services. And we do it with passion and commitment because it brings together what gets us excited – creativity and smart strategies.
  • Domain Expertise

    Vertical Industry Experience - We have launched several highly successful digital campaigns across verticals, such as, B2B & professional services, technology, education, healthcare and more. We employ top notch research to quickly and efficiently employ best strategic, technological and marketing initiatives that are grounded in your industry and get you results.



About Webtage

Webtage Healthcare Digital Services are designed to quickly and effectively grow your healthcare practice. Set yourself apart from your competition and establish your expertise. Increase number of new patients and repeat visit. Grow your service line revenue. We offer comprehensive marketing and technology solutions to help you gain a distinctive advantage.

Our clients love us because we offer very personalized service and provide smart marketing with clear ROI so our clients are never in the dark. We also happen to be an award-winning digital design, build + market firm. Our work is world-class, out of the box, and has always succeeded in moving the business needle. Along the way, we’ve won the admiration of our industry peers and deep appreciation from our clients.

Our industry-certified digital team delivers sophisticated web experiences, software solutions and marketing campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, delightful UX and powerful marketing propellers to provide consistent ROI. Our experience spans 75+ websites, 100+ marketing campaigns and 50K+ leads generated across multiple industries, including Healthcare, B2B, Professional Services, Education, and B2C.

  • After trying to work with other marketing partners, I contacted Snigdha and her Webtage team a few years ago and I have never looked back. They are professional, responsive, insightful -- I could go on. Webtage also engaged us in weekly meetings towards expanding our reach and developing materials to promote awareness about various health initiatives throughout the year. Through Webtage’s efforts, Los Gatos Doc has seen an increase in patient referrals, provided numerous tips for leading a healthier lifestyle, and developed the capacity to communicate high quality and credible information in the midst of a health crisis. Whether discussing in depth market strategy focused on how to grow my business over the next 5-10 years or helping to design a simple and educative infographic about a pandemic which has been reshared far beyond my own practice, Snigdha and Webtage deliver the highest quality work on time, every time. I will do my best to continue my partnership with Webtage -- my business depends on it!

    Arun Villivalam, MD CEO, Los Gatos Doc, Inc.

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